What is HOPA ?
It is the Federal Legislation that allows us to keep Betmar as a 55+ community.
This means since we do not have children living within our boundaries we do not have to pay School Impact Fees that are usually assessed when a home is put on a lot. Yes, we pay School Taxes every year but impact fees can run into the thousands for each home and thus we do not want to lose our 55+ designation.
To maintain the lifestyle we have here in Betmar, we are required to keep an accurate census of ALL the homes – 1677(?) of them. The official census form requires a list of all persons living in each home. 80% of these homes MUST HAVE as least one person over 55 recorded as living there. Homes with only people under 55 and those homes where the residents have not completed their census forms count against this 80%
A HOPA Committee was formed and the HOPA Census was conducted in 2018. We are grateful to all the people who took the time to complete the forms. Those people who did not take part in the Census – for whatever reason – will count in the 20% against us as a 55+ Community.
Fortunately some of the people who were reluctant to provide their information have allowed Committee Members to explain the detail what HOPA is, how the Census is conducted and what is done to safeguard the information.
The Committee Members are more than happy to answer any questions you might have now or in the future.
Again, many thanks to all the people who care enough about Betmar to have completed the Census.