Dog Park News 

Welcome back to the third season of our Dog Park. We have a few newcomers such as Bear the Schnorky(10 month old schnauzer/yorky mix that plays with everyone) and Vivian (a 7 month old yorky who is getting adjusted to the park). Lot of the same attendees as previous years and a sad goodbye to Ollie and Emmy. Emmy has a bad ligament and cannot run anymore but she may come to watch once in a while 
We are trying seeding with rye grass the front half of the park to try and keep the dirt down this season. It will take a week to 10 days for the seedlings to take root. We will have this area roped off and a sign up to not walk in this area or throw balls for the dogs to chase. There is plenty of park left for these activities. We will move  benches to accommodate a temporary sitting area to the corner.   


This year we will be decorating for Christmas, look for time and date when we will do this. We have lights, stockings and lit figurines ( a dog of course) 


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As we enter into this new season, it is appropriate to remind and take note of some dog park socialization and etiquette.  
  • When approaching and entering the dog park, your dog must be on leash or carried and if other dogs are trying to leave the park, stand back the length of your dogs leash and further(far enough where your dog cannot interact with those leaving)  and let people and dogs leave. A pack of dogs on leashes in the enclosed area or grouped near the entrance is a dog fight waiting to happen or owners getting tangled in leashes and falling. It is the safe and courteous thing to do.  Kind of like exiting an elevator……let the people out before you enter.  
  • To socialize a newcomer……do not let a pack of dogs stand at the entrance to overwhelm a dog trying to come in. A good rule of thumb……..if your dog is twice the size of the newcomer (or even some oldcomers who are shy or small), call your dog away, restrain with hand on collar or leash until the dog has entered and left the gate area. Slowly introduce your dog to the newcomer.  
  • If you are a newcomer and especially if you have a little dog, carry the dog in and sit on a bench, sometimes the far bench is a good place if your dog is really apprehensive. Let your dog sit on your lap and watch for a bit. New dogs are a novelty for the old timers and they want to come sniff. After one or two visits the novelty wears off. Allow your dog to watch and he/she will determine when they want to get down and explore more. Again, the far corner bench is not as busy and may be a good place to start.  
  • Do not let your dogs jump on people standing up, we are old and it can knock us down. And owners, be careful when standing in the runway area!!     Remember, we are responsible for our dogs behavior and actions and can be held liable. 
  • As always, we must pick up after our dogs. This has not been a real problem. Trust me, if you do not see your dog go someoneelse will and will tell you!!!!!! 


So here is to another successful year of dog gatherings. If anyone feels they cannot abide by the above recommendations, we suggest you should not attend the park or come during hours that are not as busy. Busiest time is 3:30 to 5 pm.  5pm has fallen into a time where some rather big dogs attend the park and that might influence your decision when to visit.   You and your dog would probably have a better, non-stressful time before or after these hours. There is plenty of daylight after 5pm even with with standard time.  


Our goal is for the dogs to have fun and be able to enjoy the park without injury, fear, and of course safety for the owners as well. Thankyou.  
Respectfully submitted by Marsha Frain. Point of contact