Betmar is a deed-restricted community. Each household must have at least one resident 55 years of age or older living in the residence.

The following rules and regulations have been established for the benefit of all residents.

  • No persons under 22 years of age are allowed as permanent residents and may not remain in the park in excess of ninety (90) days in any 365-day period. No person under 22 may attend school, public or private, or be home-schooled, using Betmar as a residential address.

  • An adult, as specified in club rules, must accompany all children using any Betmar recreational facility.

  • Pets are allowed only in designated pet sections. When off an owner’s property, pets must be on a leash and droppings must be picked up.

  • To prevent property damage and the spread of disease, owners, renters, and visitors shall not feed wild animals. Bird feeders on private property are allowed.

  • Owners shall keep their premises in good maintenance and repair.

  • Check with the Betmar Office for area restrictions and exact setbacks as stated in the covenants for each area before installing new or replacement homes, sheds, or any other structures. Should an owner sell their property, all restrictions shall apply to the new owners.

  • Conduct: Each person shall conduct him or herself in a lawful manner. Illegal conduct, profanity, vulgarity, or offensive activity of any kind, as well as nuisances, whether consisting of noise, smoke, fumes or other annoyances are prohibited. Shirt and shoes are required at all times in any Betmar building.

  • Only single family mobile homes of one story, less than 12 months of age, and previously not titled will be permitted to be placed in Betmar. All mobile homes are required to have a carport and a paved driveway to the street, which must be completed within one year of placement of the mobile home. No canvas or vinyl temporary structures are allowed.

  • No commercialization of lots or mobile homes is allowed.

  • All lawns must be properly maintained. If a lawn is not maintained during the absence of an owner, the owner will be contacted and given ten (10) days to comply. If after 10 days no corrective action has been taken by the owner, Betmar will arrange to have a contractor maintain the lawn and the owner will be charged an amount specified by the Board of at least $100.00 for each occurrence.

  • Fruit trees must be maintained year round by stripping the trees and picking rotted fruit up off the ground. The owner must make arrangements to do this or have it done. As with the lawn maintenance requirements above, notice will be given and the owner will be assessed a fee if the owner fails to properly maintain the fruit trees.

  • All seasonal residents and all renters should inform the Betmar office when arriving for the winter and when leaving the park for the summer. Please make sure your emergency contact and lawn care information is up to date. Please be sure all belongings other than cars and or golf carts are stored inside to prevent property damage in the event of a storm.

  • All lot owners shall abide by the deed restrictions and all Pasco County regulations for their area.

  • Golf Cart use: Outside of the golf course, all operators must obey established rules. Minors must be 16 years of age and be in the possession of a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart here in Betmar. Golf carts should be equipped with head and taillights and can only be operated on Pasco County roads between dawn and dusk. Drivers of golf carts must abide by posted Cart Path Priorities as follows: 2-wheeled bicycles, 3-wheeled bicycles, and pedestrians, followed by golf carts. Golf Carts must move completely off of the path to give priority to the above users.

 Bicycle Use: Riders must abide by the above listed cart path priorities. Riders are required to travel in the same direction as motor vehicles and to obey all established traffic regulations. Bicycles should be equipped with proper lights and reflectors to be operated after dark.

 Walkers: For your safety, all walkers must walk facing on-coming traffic. During periods of low visibility and from dusk to dawn, light-colored or reflective clothing should be worn. Carry a flashlight and or a reflective device to enable others to see you easily. 

  • The memorial walkway is for walkers only; no golf carts, bicycles, roller blades or skateboards are allowed. Wheelchairs are allowed. 

  • Vehicles belonging to residents and their guests must be parked on the owner’s property. Temporary, overnight parking is allowed in parking lots only after notifying Betmar Security by calling 395-3010 during the day and 782-4253 at night. No vehicles will remain parked on the streets in Betmar for any reason.

Approved: Betmar Owners Board, February 16, 2012

Harry A. Taylor, President