Betmar Nurses Group


Our Season Runs                      From: October              To: April           Year Round? No (Except Equipment Maintenance)

Meeting Schedule: 

As needed. Usually twice a season

Cost  of Membership (Dues): There are no dues. 


Contact Information:      See listing below under officers

Our Mission/Purpose: 

The Betmar Nursing Group is a group of retired nurses and related medical personnel who gather and plan various activities promoting wellness, health education and safety for Betmar residents. No one in the group is a licensed physician; thus, they cannot diagnose or prescribe. If you have a medical emergency or incident, please call 911 immediately and not the nursing group. Calling us first may delay medical attention and care.
Our primary role is to serve as a resource for what is available in the community to help in meeting resident health care needs.

Activities/Special Events: 

Activities planned and maintained throughout the year are:
1. Maintenance of automatic defibrillators and first aid kits for all of the clubhouses, pool, and golf course. To locate these items look for a red cross on the wall.
a. Clubhouse 2-located in the kitchen
2. Taking blood pressures before coffee hour every third Tuesday of the month.
3. Coordinating with Zephyrhills Hospital (Advent) for annual CPR and defibrillator classes as needed. If a group or club is interested in receiving this training contact Bailey Johnson at 207 610 4753
4. Maintenance of a bulletin board in Clubhouse 2 to include pertinent guidelines on various topics. Check it out.
5. Distribution of FREE Living Wills and Emergency Information forms to post on your refrigerator for neighbors and EMS to access during medical emergencies. If you need a form contact Marsha Frain at 813 779 3329 at 5709 Apache St.
6. Periodically, the group will organize a guest speaker from local medical resources offering presentations regarding a topic deemed significant for our Betmar residents.
7. Our biggest event is the annual health fair held in February. Called the Healthorama, the clubhouse and annex is filled with exhibitors representative of community health related resources. Information about available services and free screenings are offered. Watch for dates in the bulletin and posters at the clubhouses announcing when this event will happen. It is something one does not want to miss.

Other Information:   
( If supplies are used from First Aid boxes or if the AED is used, please notify one of the contacts ASAP)

Club Officers:

We have no officers. Contacts for our various services are:

Contacts for the Healthorama or community resources:
Marsha Frain: 779-3329
Carol Phelan: 779-0047
Virginia Spruytte: 810-650-3585

Contacts for CPR/AED classes: Bailey Johnson 207-610-4753

Contacts for AED/First Aid supplies/BP program:
Joan Hines: 355- 4297
Carol Wilson: 368-2497



Health-o-rama Advice Column

Here are TWO ways to properly dispose of your expired and unwanted drugs:
  1. Take your prescription drugs out of their original containers and remove
    personal information, including Rx number, by scratching it off or covering
    it with black permanent marker or duct tape.

    •  a. Mix the drugs with an icky substance, like cat litter or used coffee
      grounds etc.
      b. Put the mixture into a disposable container, like an empty margarine
      tub or seal-able bag.
      c. Place the sealed container with the mixture and empty drug
      containers in the trash.
  2. Or bring old medications to either CVS or Walgreens at the following
    • a. CVS: 37943 Eiland Boulevard Zephyrhills, FL 813 788 0224
      b. Walgreens: 6429 Gall Blvd Zephyrhills, FL 813 782 9571

Respectfully submitted by Judy Gugerty on behalf of the Healthorama