Our Season Runs                      From: October               To: April           Year Round? No

Meeting Schedule: 

Shuffleboard Board meets the second Wednesday of each month (October thru April) at 10:00 AM on the Shuffle Courts

Cost  of Membership (Dues):  Dues are $15.00 per year and you are expected to help with all club needs

Contact Information:        Neil Pearcy - 517-260-5220

Our Mission/Purpose: 

Our mission is to promote sportsmanship and fellowship through the game of Shuffleboard.

Activities/Special Events: 

Our activities are all held on the Shuffleboard Courts.
Regular Weekly Activities
Monday – 1:30 PM - Round Robin Fun Shuffle
Tuesday – 1:30 PM – Mixed Doubles Fun Shuffle
Tuesday – 6:30 PM – City-wide Shuffle
Wednesday – 1:30 PM – Beginner Play
Friday – 6:30 PM – Hoss Collar
Saturday – 130 PM – Round Robin
Special Events
Park, District and State level tournaments are held throughout the year. At these events a Shuffle Lunch is usually served. This is open to all residents.

Other Information:   
We are a very active club with a very welcoming group of members. Each year we provide lessons to newcomers.

Club Officers: 

 President                            Neal Pearcy

First Vice President          Jeanette Harvey

Second Vice President       Henna Smith

Secretary                               Bailey Johnson

Treasurer                              Rick Johnson

Directors                           Ruth Ann Wilson

Shirley Monger

Tournament Director       Randall Gearsbeck

Assistant Tournament Director    Ken Thomas

Lunch Coordinator             Judi Gearsbeck