Our Season Runs                      From: October                                To:   March    April                             Year Round?  No

Meeting Schedule: 
Weekly on Tuesday in Clubhouse 2 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Weekly on Tuesday in Clubhouse 2 at 7:00 PM

Cost  of Membership (Dues):        $15.00 per year.

Contact Information:          Shelley Jewell, President - 813-782-3632

Our Mission/Purpose:         The mission of our club is to educate & inform our members about basic technology information. We also attempt to include news about the latest innovations.

Activities/Special Events:       Our Beginner’s Classes focus on basic skills while our evening meetings provide more in depth information and often feature a guest speaker. We hold an annual Christmas Party and a Bake Sale in February. Every year we invite the entire park to an evening meeting with a speaker knowledgeable about current technology trends

Other Information:    A key element of our club is the opportunity to share information. Individual assistance is provided to our members on a limited basis. We always welcome members who are willing to help others in the club with specific questions or problems

Club Officers

President                      Shelley Jewell

Vice President              Vince Smith

Secretary                       Jane Martin         

Treasurer                       Jim Kolledge

Program Director        Mary Ann Gifford 

Education Director      June Wenttworth

Teaching Assistants    Dick Nelson and Sandy Bedingfield

Membership                 Barbara Rounds

Equipment                   Bob Kintzer