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Street Parking

If you have concerns about workers parking on the road please let us know.  The roads do belong to the county, and we have no jurisdiction there.  The firemen have asked us to keep people from parking on curves or to close to intersections, because they sometimes have to bring the ladder truck when they assist the EMTs on a call. That truck take a lot of room to turn.   What I do is ask them to move and explain why and if they don't I call the Sheriff.

Update on Evin

He has been seen in the park and he now has a beard.  This information has been given to the deputies.

Solicitors in the Park

We are getting the start of solicitors in the park.  Verizon was in here Saturday.  Remember solicitors are not allowed in the park.  It does not matter if they have purchased a soliciting permit from the county, Our signs that say no soliciting in this park trumps that permit.


Larry Killens here, Betmar Security.
A lady was out for a walk last night (Jan 2,2019) and she saw (with the help of a flashlight she carries) a (snake, dark colour and banded) on the walking path It was in the area of the pond on Strand Street, adjacent to the little Bridge.  Not an urgent or alarming occurrence but respectful request to walkers to be mindful we are in Florida and snakes are the normal.  We even have reptiles showing once in a while in the ponds when we have heavy rain and flooding. (They Travel)  I patrolled area with negative results..  To be clear there is not much I can do as this a natural sighting of nature.
Again not to alarm people but to request them to be mindful of God's creatures travelling about..

TAX and Credit Card Scams

As it gets close to tax time scammer calls are beginning to come in and tell people that they are going to jail if they don't send money. Reminder… The IRS only writes letters they do not call.  Please do not tell the call that, because the will most likely send you a letter.
The second scam is somehow they get the last four digits of your credit card, but don't know which credit card company they go to. (Watch what you throw in the trash…shred whenever possible)  They will ask if that is the last four numbers of your Visa card.  DO NOT TALK TO THESE PEOPLE.  This happened to one of our residents.  She was smart and hung up on them.  They had a correct number, but not for her Visa card.

BETMAR Community Alerts 

LOST: A Florida Gator string backpack. The chargers for my phone etc are in it. Left in Clubhouse 2 at Coffee on Feb. 12. If you find it please call me at 813-702-4244. Thanks so much.

Janis Potter